The Customer Portal is a great tool that puts the power of account management into your clients' hands. The Customer Portal is a link on your website that allows your clients to login to their account, make updates, pay their balance, enroll in classes or events, request changes, and see news updates that you post. All families with a valid email in your main database may access the Portal (families in your Lead File database do not have access). You can control what your portal offers.

To look around inside a "sample" portal, go to our Customer Portal Demo Login.    Login ID: parent1  Password: 12345678

Setting up your Portal

To access Customer Portal instructions and set-up, go to TOOLS > CUSTOMER PORTAL:

1st Tab - Getting Started Tab: Points you to this site.

2nd Tab - News & Announcements Tab: Use this page to communicate to all existing clients (seen the next time they log into their portal) about upcoming events, birthday parties, etc. News & Announcements instructions are in this site under the "Portal Communication" page.

3rd Tab - Settings Tab: Use this Tab to SET UP your portal. Customize the information your customers can access and the functions you will allow them to perform from within your portal. Make your selections by checking the boxes. Save changes!

Note: Your Portal Heading (title) can be edited by clicking beside the heading, as circled below. To preview (and even use!) your portal login, click the "Go to Customer Portal Login Page", also as circled below. Your logo can be added at TOOLS > EDIT SETTINGS > ORGANIZATION LOGO.

Let's take a closer look at the 3rd tab - Settings - as it controls what your customers will see and what they can do - explanations are under the screen shot:

1 -- Tabs the customer will see - The small menu in the upper left is where you choose what tabs will be available for your customers inside the portal - hover over the ? for description of tab. We recommend all tabs be available but you may remove any that you do not wish to utilize with your customers.
2 -- ACTIVATE the portal by checking the top box - If not activated, there will be an error message saying the Portal is not active when someone attempts to access it.
3 -- What your customers can "do" - Check the remaining boxes appropriately based on your specific organization's needs. If you post fees by Total Hours taken, then do NOT use the "Automatically Post Tuition Fees" as that setting is for posting based on class tuition price instead of total hours. Don't forget to SAVE CHANGES before exiting.
4 -- Policies Agreement date - set a PAST DATE such as the last time your policies changed, or your most recent past annual renewal date. Do NOT use a future date!
5 -- Enrollment Comment box - you can ask a question here for registration explanations - such as gathering a T-shirt size, or asking what day or time is preferred, or any other question or comment that you need to gather during registration. The information will be displayed in the confirmation emails to the parent and your organization.

Note: the POLICIES (Legalese) in your portal are pulled directly from your TOOLS > WEB REGISTRATION > AGREEMENT TEXT area.

Now let's look at the bottom of the Settings screen:

6 -- The Class Search Options - Here is where you may hide the DROP-DOWN lists that are used for Filtering. The actual Columns will still be shown, this only takes away the filtering ability. You may also RE-LABEL the names of the Categories....Learn more about this in the "Classes and Registration" page. You may also HIDE the Instructors column by unchecking the Instructor box. Finally, for the remaining Openings in the class, you may Show the actual number of openings, or hide the count ("Open" text will show), or hide the Openings column altogether. Save changes!
7 -- Login Page Message - This is the text under your logo on the Login page. You can post important news or announcements here.
8 -- Registration Pop-up Message - When the customer selects the Registration Tab, text you enter here will display giving them instructions to proceed.
9 -- Inactive Family Message - Text entered here will display to Inactive families trying to register, IF you are holding Priority Registration and have checked the box for Only Allow Active Families to Register for Classes on your Setting page.
10 -- Policies Agreement Prompt - When the customer logs in and needs to re-agree to your Legal Policies they will be prompted with this custom message. (If this text box is left blank, the default message is "In order to use this portal, please agree to the following policies").
11 -- Event Registration Message - When the customer selects the Event Tab, text you enter here will display giving them instructions to proceed.

Note: These boxes support basic html for styling. You can use hyperlinks in the Login Page Message as well.

Testing your Portal

Once you have your desired Settings saved, we suggest you check your work:

1. Create a test family in your Jackrabbit database (add a family via Family > Add Family).
2. Add a Contact to this family - assign this contact a valid email address that is your own email address. Save changes.
3. Reset the Portal Password by using the "Reset Portal Password" button on that Contact's page, or by selecting the "I don't know my password" on your customer portal login (remember - you can access your portal from within your database BEFORE it is placed on your website by going to Tools > Customer Portal, then clicking the "Go to Customer Portal Login Page" in upper left corner).
4. Retrieve the password (either while it is shown on screen OR from the email that is immediately sent out to you).
5. Go to Tools > Customer Portal and use the internal link in upper left corner to get to your Login page. Using the contact email above, along with the password that was generated, log in to the portal and look around. Notice how your SETTINGS affect the layout and functionality of the portal.
6. Logout and continue to make and save any changes to your SETTINGS until you are happy with the results.
Now you are ready to add the Portal link onto your web pages! - continue to next page.


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